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Rural Partners

We're partnering with Rural Contractors to help you...

Become more efficient

   Boost your Profit    

Grow your business

How Interbloc works for you

Fast, efficient construction

Interbloc blocks lock together with ease. It is up to 50% faster to build with compared to some traditional products. This allows you to build more in less time. 

Engineered, reliable system

Interbloc is a proven, engineered system. Build with peace of mind knowing Interbloc will last the distance. This reduces your call backs.

Flexible, customisable solutions

Interbloc unique block and interlocking design ensure structures can be modified and customised with ease. Giving your customers this flexibility puts you ahead of the pack.  

Sell the solution

Increase your revenue and create happier customers by selling the turn-key solutions using Interbloc's range of standard products.



We'll help you along the way


 Interbloc provides comprehensive initial training. We also      provide on going training as new learnings come to light. 


 Marketing Support

 Interbloc will give you comprehensive marketing support. Silver  and Gold Partners also have access to marketing subsidies. 


Technical Support

 Interbloc will give you a details manual and provide on going  technical support through regular updates, a special helpline,  and access to our technical staff. 



Rural Partners

This text will be a inticing introduction to what rural partners is about. It will be short and sweet and will be tailored to appeal to the target market.

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