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Interbloc is a leading supplier of containment and retaining solutions. We work through New Zealand, having built structures from Kaitaia to Sewart Island.

Interbloc is a revolutionary modular construction system that is the number one choice when it comes to bulk storage and retaining wall applications.

At the heart of the Interbloc system is a unique interlocking concrete block. When the innovative, engineered system and the prized block are combined, the result is a structure that is flexible, durable, and safe. Its main strength is in its ability to be reconfigured with ease – unlike traditional systems.

Interbloc can achieve this because of the block's unique interlocking ability that provides a shear key in both horizontal directions. The blocks can also be vertically reinforced after placement to increase out-of-plane bending capacity. This means Interbloc walls are not limited by their gravity capacity, but with reinforcing they can perform much the same as traditional reinforced concrete walls.

The inherent efficiency of the Interbloc system also results in savings. Blocks are manufactured at a lower cost and installed faster than traditional systems.

No other system offers Interbloc's unique combination of flexibility, durability, and safety.

What does Interbloc do?

At Interbloc, we specialise in providing cost-effective bulk storage and retaining solutions. From aggregate and palm kernel bins to silage bunkers and retaining walls, Interbloc has the right solution at the right price.

Our business is divided into four areas to ensure our customers receive the highest standard of service and the correct technical support: Interbloc Hold provides engineered retaining wall solutions; Interbloc Contain deals with the storage and separation of bulk items; Interbloc Works provides temporary and permanent structural solutions to the contracting, construction, and civil works industries; and Interbloc Rural delivers on-farm feed and bulk storage solutions.

Why choose Interbloc?

Founded in 2003 by Scott Bright, Interbloc's unique interlocking concrete block system utilises recycled concrete. These environmentally friendly business practices have been recognised by the Ministry for the Environment
as assisting to reduce waste in the concrete industry and providing more sustainable solutions to recycling. As a result, Interbloc can deliver cost-effective solutions while still maintaining high quality standards and a versatile product.

With tens of thousands of blocks used in more than 250 structures from Kaitaia to Stewart Island, Interbloc has the experience to deliver. Our nationwide reach means we can service you no matter how large or small the project.

Each standard 1200 block weighs one tonne, and measures 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm. Each block incorporates a certified central lifting eye allowing for ease of movement and installation.

At Interbloc we ensure our blocks are of the highest standard as we have the most comprehensive quality control process in the block industry. We back our product 100 percent and our warranties are as solid as the blocks themselves.

What is a modular construction system?

Modular construction systems harness the power of simplicity. Interbloc's system allows you to break down complex structures into small, simple, manageable pieces. Modular construction systems are scalable and reusable. This creates efficiencies in construction that cannot be achieved in traditional site-based build processes. Interbloc's modular construction system provides the flexibility of bricks and the speed of precast construction – a formidable combination in its area of use.

Interbloc can be used to create anything from basic gravity stacked blocks to vertically reinforced walls. The efficiency and effectiveness of the system can be used for retaining structures, bulk storage bunkers, temporary structures, and other walls that are required to provide a robust operating environment.

What are the benefits of using Interbloc blocks?

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