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Installation Materials

While the blocks form the heart of the Interbloc system, there is a range of consumables and materials that may be used in an installation depending on the final use of the structure. These include:

Sealing the blocks:

Interbloc offers a range of sealing options for the blocks, including the use of expansion foam between gaps to provide protection from moisture and air damage. Where the weather tightness of the structure is critical, Interbloc offers a polyurethane sealant for use in gaps between the blocks. Where the structure is required to be water tight, a rubber spray, plaster, or shotcrete solution can be applied.


All Interbloc blocks incorporate reinforcing ducts at 600mm centres. This allows for a reinforcing rod to be inserted through the block to tie the wall together. Interbloc supplies fixing kits where jobs require reinforcing. A fixing kit includes all the materials you need to tie the wall together, including the bar and epoxy.

In other cases a wall can be 'tied' into the retained ground: this requires the use of synthetic matting, which is cast into the block and joined to matting laid into the retained material. These blocks are called 'GeoMat' blocks.

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