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Design & Engineering

Interbloc is an engineered system; this means that our blocks incorporate specific features that allow structures built from them to be equipped with added reinforcing.

There are generic engineering calculations and guides available, but we recognise that every project is different.

If you require engineering calculations and a PS5 signed by an engineer, then project specific engineering will need to be undertaken.

Interbloc has two consulting engineering firms that have worked with our product extensively in a variety of applications. Because of this they tend to be more innovative in developing solutions for engineering challenges that use our blocks.

Interbloc is able to handle the engineering design process on behalf of customers using one of our two consulting engineering firms.

There are many benefits of having Interbloc organise the engineering design process. These include efficiency and the fact it eases pressure by allowing you to instead focus on other matters. In addition, our engineers can develop practical, innovative solutions to any challenges because they have an intimate knowledge of the product. And, as another bonus, our economies of scale can deliver lower engineering costs.

Regardless of whether you opt for full engineering or not, all Interbloc customers receive detailed plans on how the end structure will look courtesy of our block-laying guidelines. Contact us today for more information.


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Interbloc blocks offer unrivalled flexibility and durability. View more information on the different types of structures we can deliver.  

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