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Fulton Hogan is a leading organisation within the construction industry, with more than 80 years’ experience in the transport, water, energy, mining, civil construction and land development infrastructure in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

One of Fulton Hogan's customers in Christchurch required a 6m high hopper pit for a quarry, where aggregates will be dumped and processed. The hopper is  loaded from the top by truck and trailer which is then fed into a conveyor system that went through a screening plant. The project also required a ramp up to and down off the hopper for a truck and trailer which also needed to be loaded manually from one side. 


Fulton Hogan found the solution with Interbloc's modular wall system for the construction of the quarry hopper. Interbloc provided Fulton Hogan with a 6.6m high design which is then engnineered and evaluated by Tiaki Engineering Consultants. Included in the engineering was the ground specs, concrete foundations, vertical tie down rods and horizontal steel strapping. 

The construction started with the foundation work which prepared the structure for the construction of the walls. The structure took 5 weeks to finish from the completion of the foundation work, with minimal issues. 



Fulton Hogan's customer and those involved in the construction of the quarry hopper were pleased with the end result, as well as the time frame in which it was completed. Interbloc's heavy-duty blocks created strong walls that outline the truck ramp and sides of the pit, while its modular quality made it quick and easy for the structure to be built. 


Case Study: Fulton Hogan, Quarry Hopper


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