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Interbloc System Components


The Block

Fast and durable, this unique block forms the heart of the system. The mass of the block means the system is primarily gravity based. 



Engineering Designs

Generic and project specific engineering designs utilise the mass of the block and the reinforcing techniques to create cost effective, effficient structures. 



Vertical Reinforcing

Blocks incorporate central reinforcing ducts through which reid bar can be inserted and tied to the concrete foundation creating a cantilever wall structure. 



Geogrid Tieback

For geotechnical applications geogrid can be cast into the block during manufacturing. The geogrid is then connected to geogrid in the retaining soil. 



 Facade System

Interbloc facade system harnesses the speed and flexibility of stone anchors to fix panels post install to Interbloc modular walls. This efficient system provides a range of finishes in a variety of colours. Panels can be added at any stage and easily replaced. 

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The unique combination of flexibility and durability in the Interbloc system deliver superior solutions. View some of the solutions we’ve delivered. 

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