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Interbloc Facade System

The aesthetics of a wall matter. Interbloc® offer a tried and proven facade system which can bolted on to any finished Interbloc® wall. This efficient, cost effective system dresses up the basic Interbloc® wall to create stunning finishes. 

System Components

Facade Panel
This precast concrete panel is manufactured using a minimum 50MPa strenght concrete.
Designs can be easily changed to suit customer requirements.




Panel Anchor
This stainless steel panel anchor bolts onto the block wall.
Designed to meet the highest standards and deliver a long service life. 



How it Works

Two stainless steel brackets are bolted onto the wall at 200mm intervals using one dyno-bolt per bracket.The precast facade panel sits on the bracket, with the pin inserting into a cast in slot in the panel. Brackets are then bolted on to the wall at the top of the panel; with the pins inserting through the bracket into cast in slots at the top of the panel. 

View our Case Studies

The unique combination of flexibility and durability in the Interbloc system deliver superior solutions. View some of the solutions we’ve delivered. 

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