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Interbloc Counter Weights

Interbloc counter weights offer a range of heavy duty concrete weights. Our weights are flexible, durable, and engineered. From event management companies, to infrastructure and utilities, we can provide the solutions you require.

  • Weights from 33kg – 2000kg +
  • Rapid deployment
  • Established, proven product and company
  • Reduce CAPEX - Hire or purchase options available
  • Central lugs for tie down


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UniBloc™ is a portable counter weight solution for small tents and scaffolding. Popular with exhibitors and event management companies, these small interlocking solid concrete weights are rapidly deployed and low cost solutions. The UniBloc™ range complies with new industry regulations for scaffolding weights.


            • 32kg interlocking block

            • Rapid deployment

            • Low cost, Buy or Hire

            • Galvanised steel handle 

            • Galvanised steel frame available for blocks to sit in

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Interbloc™ range of counter weights have proved popular with event managers and engineers after temporary and permanent counter weight solutions. The Interbloc™ range are rapid deployed, low cost, and interlocking to ensure stability. Best used for larger tents and marquees, ballast, and load testing.


            • 500kg - 1500kg weight options available

            • Rapid deployment

            • Certified central lifting lug

            • Buy or Hire, Interbloc Buyback Scheme available

            • Recesses for tie downs


MassBloc are heavy duty, large counter weight blocks. Popular for permanent ballast, or load testing, these blocks incorporate a central lifting point. MassBloc's measure 1m x 1m, are made from solid vibrated concrete.


              • 2500kg solid vibrated concrete

              • Certified central lifting point

              • Buy or Hire 


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The unique combination of flexibility and durability in the Interbloc system deliver superior solutions. View some of the solutions we’ve delivered. 

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