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Interbloc Block Catalogue

Interbloc® is fast, durable, engineered modular wall system. At the heart of the wall system is a unique interlocking concrete block. 

Interbloc® blocks are available in two series - 400 and 600 block types. Each series include the same block design variations, and in the same quality bands. Below are the block variations available for both series.

For more information about features and specifications of the blocks, download our full block catalogue. 

1.5 Block

The one and a half block is used at the ends of multi-layered walls to ensure a flush finish.



Flat Top Block

This block is used on the top layer of a wall to provide clean finishes.
Flat top blocks also provided wide, level surfaces to fix structures to the top of the wall, for example roofs. The flat top block is available across both series and in all sizes. 

Flat Bottom Block

This block is used to ensure seamless connectivity to the wall foundation. This allows moisture critical structures to be fully sealed from the foundation to the top of the block. Ideal for structures where minimum leakage is essential. The flat bottom block is available across both series and in all sizes. 


Capper Block

This new block is designed for bulk storage structures, such as fertiliser stores. It sits at the top of a wall and minimises the potential for cross contamination between bins. It also eliminates the aggregate of material at the top of the wall. The capper block delivers important health and safety benefits, as it removes the possibility of staff accessing the top of the wall.


 Angle Block

The angle block is designed for bins and walls were the wall ‘steps down’ from the top of the structure to the foundation. The angle block provides a smooth and angled front edge to the wall. 

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